• 1. 山區道路陡峭狹小,夜間無路燈設備,若無駕駛信心請勿勉強訂房,可參考影片『那條難開的路』
  • 2. 民宿位處山區,無法保證隨時提供網路服務,有網路需求者請勿勉強訂房
  • 3. 為維護住宿客人之安全,本民宿夜間九點後有門禁管制,最晚check in時間為晚上8:00
  • 4. 因本民宿維護管理成本高,請認同我們的環境、設備、價格,恕不接受議價!謝謝
  • 5. 除自在、弄蝶房可各加一床外,其餘房型無法提供加床服務,全館所有房型皆無提供加被服務,請確認實際入住人數,若入住時人數不符,本民宿有權拒絕入住(凡身高超過100公分以上者,算佔床,如有兩位100公分以下之小朋友,算一位佔床,加一床費用1000元)
  • 6. 除山月房浴室有小浴缸之外,其餘房間浴室皆為淋浴,沒有提供浴缸設備
  • 1. 民宿不接待任何寵物住房,如發現有帶寵物,本民宿有權拒絕客人入住
  • 2. 住宿區禁止炊煮、禁止吸菸、禁止酗酒及嚼檳榔、禁止大聲喧嘩、禁止打牌、禁止攜帶榴槤入內
  • 3. 除當日住房客人,恕不接受其他訪客參觀
  • 1. 請於電話訂房確認後二日內匯定金(房價的三成),逾時視同放棄,恕不另行通知,住房之餘款請於進房時付清,匯款完成後,請來電告知姓名及帳號末四碼
  • 2. 取消訂房退還訂金之比例:
    1. 於預定住宿日十四日前告知,退還已付定金之100%
    2. 於預定住宿日十至十三日前告知,退還已付定金之70%
    3. 於預定住宿日七至九日前告知,退還已付定金之50%
    4. 於預定住宿日四至六日前告知,退還已付定金之40%
    5. 於預定住宿日二至三日前告知,退還已付定金之30%
    6. 於預定住宿日一日前告知,退還已付定金之20%
    7. 於預定住宿日當天告知,不退還已付全部定金
  • 3. 轉帳資料:
    1. 銀行:台灣中小企業銀行(代號050) 頭份分行
    2. 帳號:351-627-35703
    3. 戶名:楊熙磊
  • 接受訂房、諮詢時間:早上9 : 00~晚上6 : 00
  • 進房時間:當日下午三點(請攜帶身分證明文件,以供入住時登記)
  • 早餐時間:早上八點至九點半,僅提供中式稀飯,無法更改用餐時間及內容,且須團體一起用餐
  • 晚餐:民宿無提供晚餐,開車至老街車程15~20分鐘

The following are rules for room reservation.Please do not try to book a room without confirming with your family members or friends.You can book a room if you have intention to stay with us.

  • 1. Steep narrow mountain road at night without lights equipment. With the absence of driving confidence, do not try to Reservation.
  • 2. The property is located in a mountainous area and internet services are not guaranteed at all times.
  • 3. For your safety, we will close the entrance gate after 21:00.
  • 4. Due to the high cost for our management and maintenance fees, please kindly accept and enjoy our environment, facilities, and costs. Costs are not negotiable. Thank you!
  • 5. Any other room type are not allowed to offer additional bed service, except room type (自在)(1extra bed) and the fee of one additional bed is 800 TWD. We don't offer additional comforts. Please make sure your actual check-in numbers of people. If the number of guests is more than reservation, we reserve the right to decline your stay.
  • 6. For room capacity, one child shorter 100cm stays free of charge when using existing bedding.Two children shorter than 100cm are charged one adult cost. Children taller than 100cm are also charged an adult cost.If the intended number of guests exceeds the maximum occupancy of the room, we reserve the right to decline your reservation and stay. We appreciate your understanding.
Prohibited Matters
  • 1. Please do not bring:
    (a) animals or birds of any kind;
    (b) objects emitting a foul odor or large sound(ex: durian);
    (c) gunpowder, oils or other explosives or flammables;
    (d) unregistered firearms or swords or drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Taiwan.
  • 2. Please do not smoke, gamble, or cook in your room.
  • 3. Inviting outside visitors to your room is prohibited.
Prepaid Deposit
  • 1. Please make a deposit within 2 days after confirming your telephone reservation (30% of room rate). If you cancel the reservation, you will be waived without notice. Please pay the remaining amount of the room when you enter the room. After the transfer is completed, please call the name and the last four odigits of the account number.
  • 2. Cancellations
    1. Reservations cancelled 14 days prior to arrival date incur the fully refundable deposit.
    2. Reservations cancelled 10-13 days prior to arrival date incur a penalty of 30% of the deposit.
    3. Reservations cancelled 7-9 days prior to arrival date incur a penalty of 50% of the deposit.
    4. Reservations cancelled 4-6 days prior to arrival date incur a penalty of 60% of the deposit.
    5. Reservations cancelled 2-3 days prior to arrival date incur a penalty of 70% of the deposit.
    6. Reservations cancelled 1-2 days prior to arrival date incur a penalty of 80% of the deposit.
    7. Reservations cancelled 0-1 days prior to arrival date incur a penalty of 100% of the deposit.
  • Reservations and consultation time: 9: 00 am to 9: 00 pm
  • Check in: any time after 15:00
    Check out: before 11:00.
  • Breakfast time: 8:00-9:30 (typical Chinese food).
  • We don't provide dinner in the B&B lodge. If you need dinner meals, please call our cafe service 037-824938 for reservations. Thanks! (B&B lodge and cafe are located in the different areas.)